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5 Of the Best Markets in London

1. Borough Market

Home to mouth-watering cuisine from across the globe, exquisite food creations and enticing aromas… Borough Market is a site worth visiting. A place to stimulate the senses, it is an incredible open air food market and is one of the largest and oldest in London, celebrating its 1000th birthday in 2014. Katy Stewart from Starry Eyed Travels argues that Borough Market is a market that holds true to its roots, especially since “there is nothing, ‘converted’ or ‘refurbished’ about these warehouses, they are old and functional, simply a space in which to set up shop. In fact, the market here has a history far older than the Victorian era: a market has been held in this area since the Early Middle Ages. This gives it an even earthier, basic feel and it seems to fill a human instinct within me to know, when I listen to the call of a Cockney trader, selling spuds and carrots that nothing much has changed with the passing of the centuries.”

2. Maltby Market

Although rather on the small side, especially when compared to Borough Market, Maltby Market is special because of its intimate and authentic feel, considering there are significantly less tourists. Maltby market is essentially a vibrant small food street market, offering everything from delicious sweet treats and oysters to Indian/Persian fusion and craft booze galore. Emma Rose Tulley argues that one of the best features of this market is its seating options. “Most of the stalls offered seating under the railway arches which was just delightful – they all used the space in such an alternative and interesting way. Market Gourmet merged dining tables into a wood workshop, mixing eating with creativity and craft.”

3. Brick Lane Market

Open on Sundays, Brick Lane Market is a large East End flea market that takes place on a historic street, dating back approximately 450 years. Expect to see lots of amazing street art and graffiti in the lanes, a vintage market with stalls selling antiques, clothes and bric-a-brac and food vendors from across the globe.  A reviewer on Trip Advisor says that “between hustling crowds, restaurant marketeers and the most eclectic crowds, Brick Lane is one of the most unforgettable places to visit.”

4. Camden Lock Market

According to Camden Market’s own site, Saturday 30 March 1974 was the date that a small pop up market – consisting of just 16 stalls – opened in Camden Town outside Dingwalls Dance Hall. Fast forward to 2016 and each year more than “28 million visitors descend on the waterside retail site to experience the unique atmosphere and stock up on the eclectic wares on sale.” From meats, fish, veggies, fruit, smoothies, beer, coffee/tea, wine, spices and even a barber shop, everywhere you look the sights and sounds of the market surround you. Jyll from Trip Advisor claims that “I felt like I had one foot in today's world and the other foot in the 1800s when a market like this would have been the only way to shop. Everyone should experience this place!”

5. Portobello Road Market

Portobello market is one of the most popular iconic London street markets that seems to go on forever! It houses vendors of all sorts who sell a quirky mix of antiques, silver, jewellery, tourist trinkets, clothes, makeup, seafood and veggies. Not to mention food trucks for every imagination! You name it and you can find it at Portobello. Pro tip:go early to avoid crowds!

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