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What are the interior design trends going to be in 2017?

2016 saw some great interior design features hit people’s homes. Kitchens saw elegant redecoration in matte black stainless steel, replacing those gleaming, shiny polished steel kitchen appliances. Besides the appliances, kitchens have also seen more materials used, making them feel cosier and a bit more personal. Formal dining rooms made their way back, rooting for the all-traditional family sit-down, home-cooked Sunday roast. Bathrooms also saw their share of the love, with bidets making their way out of the US and across the pond over to the UK.

Living rooms have also seen their fair share of change, perhaps going a step into the past by going tech-less. Leaving tech out of the living room can promote more family time, and still allows for people to use their laptops or tablets if they wish to. 

Living rooms will be less connected

Materials-wise, raffia, a material we would mostly associate with beachy escapades and tropical weather is making its way into UK homes, giving that extra touch of warmth and comfort to our homes.

Perhaps most importantly, bedrooms have seen some new designs, with lofty, flowery designs making their way back into our homes. However, for the more elegant homes, deep blues have made a strong comeback – unsurprisingly so, as blue is proven to help us relax. A blue wall with complimentary colours dotted around the room can add a real calm and homely feeling to a bedroom.

These trends were great for 2016, but 2017 is now looming. Dulux has announced their colour of the year – ‘Denim Drift’, a slightly metallic yet incredibly versatile grey-blue. Expect to see several shades of grey, perhaps around 50, making their way into homes this year as part of the ‘neutrals’ palette. These shades really give a calming effect, and can add a sense of English heritage to any home.

Dulux Denim Drift

This may be a continuing trend, but we can expect to see nature continue to make its way into our homes. Pinterest is overflowing with the outdoors making its way in, boasting cool blues, greens and greys (so they’ll combine perfectly with your new Denim Drift walls). Expect to see these not only on walls but also in furnitures like sofas and armchairs. Pastel colours are great for a chilled night in and these subtle colours have certainly got a place in 2017.

If greys and blues don’t really suit your style, that’s fine. 2017 will also see the return of retro styles, with bold colours in large geometric patterns and fabrics patterning our homes – think 70's and 80's style.

Last but not least, we will most likely see eco-friendly design make a real push into our homes. Durable materials which are strong and low maintenance will make a big push into homes, as they promote both affordability and longevity. Paints will look to contain fewer pollutants and be made from more organic materials, and furniture and upholstery will look to do the same, implementing more organic materials which are good for the home, the planet and for you. The use of larger windows to let the sun is also on the rise and energy-efficient lighting tied in with smart devices will make our energy consumption much lower. Tied in with other design ideas these can make a home have a positive impact without compromising on looks or functionality.                  

Plants and more sunlight can be great in the home

2017 is looking to be a good year for home design, bringing sustainable ideas and elegant design together. We will hopefully see more designs of this nature come to market, as they can truly revamp any home. 

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